It has now been 7 years since I am working as an independent STRATEGY COACH. During this time I facilitated approximately 100 Strategy Offsites for over 40 different client organisations. I have a wonderful job!

Typically, these have been 2-4 day workshops with groups between 5 and 50 executives. Often, these workshops combined Strategy & Team Development at the same time. This is achieved by answering 3 fundamental strategic questions:

  1. „Where are we heading to?“

Creating a “rich picture of the future for the team & organization”. Rich in this sense means that everybody in the organization can relate this picture to her or his own work. This could be, e.g., Vision & Mission statements, Values, Guiding Principles.

  1. „Where are we today?“

Establishing a mutual understanding of the current situation. Jointly reflecting on existing capabilities, assets, previous experience, heritage, etc. Leveraging existing analyses and pragmatic tools like a SWOT to create an aligned view among all participants.

  1. „How do we get there from here?“

Jointly prioritizing areas for development and agreeing strategic initiatives to reach the goals. Setting specific objectives and determining concrete project plans for each strategic initiative, thus together committing to: who will do what by when.

I love the crackling energy in the room when we actively reflect on team processes and communication, involving everyone in developing the strategy and determining an ambitious goal for the group creates alignment. This fosters coherence among participants and thus gears up individuals to develop into a high performing team. This ensures buy-in and commits teams to implement the agreed strategy. And that is what fires me up.

Strategy & team development are based on the principles of collaborative working with groups. A highly intense and interactive workshop forms the core of this approach. Such workshops balance knowledge transfer, co-creation, solution development, action planning, team building. Results are actionable strategies and mobilised teams — the foundation for further growth.

Typically it takes 4-6 weeks to prepare such Strategy Offsites. But in most cases it is not my time that is the bottleneck but rather making time in the diaries of all required participants. As facilitator during the workshop I will ensure that participants can fully concentrate on the content discussions during the session. I will prepare, facilitate and document each working session and thus take responsibility for managing the process during the workshop. Immediately after the workshop, I will provide a complete documentation of all results in form of a photo protocol.

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