Don’t hire a consultant!

Over the 100+ transformation projects I have conducted, I realized that in most cases the important knowledge for sustainable change does not come from an external consultant. Using the expertise that resides inside an organization, I often use workshops, sometimes with 30-50 or even 150 individuals, to solve complex problems. I then embed myself into the client team as a coach to steer the transformation.

Assignments ranging from large, complex transformation programs in international settings to highly specialized strategy projects. Working to a large extent — but not exclusively — in Life Sciences and Healthcare, innovation, customer focus, business model design and performance improvement are my main areas of interest. But what I like most: getting the experts to talk to each other.

Why Strategy Coaching is better than Strategy Consulting

Here you can see me in action during a strategy workshop. I also explain the essence of Strategy Coaching and how this differs from classical strategy consulting.

Personal references and further details upon request.

Leverage the expertise of your own people!

Take a look at this 2-minute video on collaborative problem solving. My workshops actively involve all relevant stakeholders to co-create the best solution for a complex problem.

Each workshop is tailor-made. Participants create and refine the solution working in parallel teams in iterations. This way, you not only achieve results quickly but you align all stakeholders to agree and promote the solution. It accelerates the implementation and creates ownership.

And you spend much less on consultants.

Personal references and further details upon request.

Selected clients that I worked with

What clients say

„Günther supported us during the launch of our operational activites in Germany. Thanks to his process facilitation, we have clarified our vision and strategy for the next years and are on a very successful way now.“
Mark Geißler, General Manager
„Ganz herzlichen Dank für die kompetente Moderation.“
Kirsten Wolfrath, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
„Günther did a great job in helping my Leadership Team and me to develop our Vision and Strategic Roadmap.“
Dr. Kay Brunner, Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH
„Günther is of the rare breed of consultants, who really understand the industry and bring in a different highly valuable perspective. He combines a unique set of capabilities: exceptionally strong strategic view, very innovative and outstanding group facilitator.

I have worked several times with Günther and I have been always impressed by the very tangible results, yet…more.“

Jan Schluechter , Senior Commercial Executive - Entrepreneurial General Manager - Inspirational Leader
„I was very impressed with Günther’s facilitation approach during our Company Day — 140 participants, highly interactive, structured and at the same time flexible, well-run, very positive feedback from my people. It achieved a lot and made a difference for our business.“
Dr. Paul Geymayer, Region Head Asia Pacific, Sandoz
„The strategic initiatives we designed, budgeted and agreed during our workshop were signed-off by the board. Some were implemented right away, others have been integrated into the regular corporate planning process. Günther and Sebastian have the tools and methodologies to align diverging interests and facilitate sound decisions. With their experience they helped us focus on what´s really important and avoid pitfalls.“
Günther Strittmatter, Head of Research & Development KWS SAAT AG